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The affordable luxury for Your family!
How do you imagine the ideal home?

„Home into the nature, I love outdoor life“

„I need privacy, even solitude sometimes“

„I love garden parties with friends and relatives.“

„Everyone at home should have own corner and space.“

„I dream my children can play safely outdoors, as it was in my childhood.“

„Me and my kids would love to practice sports daily, without wasting time in traveling.“

„I value comfort and tranquility, without losing contact with urban life.“

„I often work from home and need office space “

„I need open space, sunlight and esthetics in my home and outisde“

Then, this home is especially for You!
The purchase of a real estate is never simply an investment. It is an emotion and a step towards a better life without compromises. The home should not be postponed- it unites the family and creates unforgettable lifetime memories.

We created this project while thinking about you and your family. It is focused on modern people with their high expectations, needs and dreams. People who refuse to spend their lives in gloominess and return to the nature, who rediscover the taste of life and create happy childhood for their children. We believe that people deserve their home to be their small piece of paradise, their safe landing pier.

The complex

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70 modern houses

recreation and sports areas

children's playgrounds

Our mission is to be beside you on your way to the perfect home in Bankya Hill Residence!
We will not separate you from city – it is only a five-minute distance from your new home!
We will not isolate you from the world – we will let you become a part of a modern community!
We have created the project with the aim to provide you with:
  • A bright, functional and spacious home;
  • Private outdoor space;
  • Safety for you and your children;
  • A life among greenery and clean air;
  • Various amenities in common spaces;
  • Amazing panoramic views to three mountains;
  • Beauty and esthetics of the surrounding outdoor spaces;
  • Quick access to the city;

….. and most important – a sense of better life!

BANKYA HILL RESIDENCE – the new residential complex of Bankya!
This closed-type residential complex is situated in the beautiful suburbs of Bankya and offers calmness, comfort and an incredible, breathtaking views. Surrounded by the green slopes of three mountains, Bankya Hill Residence will uproot you from the grey city, bringing you a better quality of life without changing your work mode and city life.

The project consists of 70 modern houses with private yards, sunk into greenness and surrounded by carefully planned common spaces, which meet the highest contemporary requirements. Areas for recreation, games and sports have been created to allow for kids entertainment, without disturbing the residents. Its inhabitants have two kid playgrounds, tennis courts and football grounds, areas for walking and picnicking, a restaurant and cultivated common spaces at their disposal. The greenness and amenities provide a comfort life close to nature and safety for the children.

The construction features a high class of materials, stylish architecture with exceptional precision and great attention to detail. The houses have been designed with most advanced energy efficient technologies. The uniqueness of the terrain and the location of the separate houses provide a panoramic, captivating view from each of the houses.
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