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The complex is situated in the highest area of Bankya, only five-minute drive from Sofia, in a residential district with exceptionally clean air and beautiful nature. The town has excellent infrastructure –streets and water-supply and sewerage networks, common spaces and telecommunications. The complex will be integrated into the sewerage system of Bankya.


Bankya is one of the most attractive places for living near Sofia, at only 15 kilometers from the metropolis in the folds of Lyulin and Vitosha mountain. The town is a traditional spa center, famous for its unique natural resources – a healing climate and curative springs, lush greenness and numerous sunny days. The natural air streams and the pine forests provide incredibly clean rich-in-ozone air. The mountains allow various outdoor activities like ecotourism, walks, picnics, bicycling, etc. The high areas of the town, in which the complex is situated, reveal an impressive view of three mountains – Balkan, Lyulin and Vitosha mountains, which makes the location unique. The town is distinguished by excellently maintained common spaces, parks, public and private educational institutions, mineral swimming pools, attractions and commercial sites. Besides the incredible nature and clean air, Bankya offers easy and quick access to the capital city, by means of bus lines and automobile highways.


The terrain of the complex has a southeastern exposure, which provides sufficient sunlight and heat during the whole day, as well as a captivating panoramic view. The terracing allows every house to have a view on three mountains, regardless of the layout of the neighboring buildings.

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