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Type 1 House


The houses have been built of high-quality construction materials, featuring exceptional preciseness and great attention to details. They are offered with the following degree of building completion:

Total floor area

229.3 sq.m.

1st floor

107.0 sq.m.

2nd floor

122.3 sq.m.


1st floor: A living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, an entrance hall, a technical room;

2nd floor: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hanging closet and a laundry room;

There are structured cabling and installed operational water-supply and sewerage systems, “bathrooms“ with void-filling and coating. Heating – there is an installed pipe network up to radiator. The walls and floors feature puttying and coating.

Yard place:

The house has a private yard. The whole site is enclosed with an architectural fence, as every house is planned with an individual yard, well-lit alleys and internal roads, established internal connections.


Facade: A ferroconcrete structure and WIENBERGER facing bricks. BAUMIT 10 cm thermal insulation system, silicone plaster and natural stones, French windows with German PVC joinery, а six-chamber profile, 44-millimiter thick double glass, with highly effective K glasses, façade lighting, a high class of blinded entrance doors.

Roof: Flat, steam-proof insulation, 15-centimeterthick heat insulation, reinforced cement-sand coating, waterproofing, polyester-reinforced.

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